Reasonably priced for your needs, we offer a range of rental options for private, public, and corporate events. From the simple setup for our jousting inflatable, to our "whole show" rental, which will offer our laser tag, archery tag, jousting inflatable and S.A.F.E. Archery booth all in one for your event, 



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Bringing new and alternative attractions to the Ohio Valley, Pasky Sports is dedicated to providing safe, family-oriented entertainment, as well as events suitable for corporate or educational team-building exercises with our tactical laser tag, Archery Tag, and combat/party inflatables. 




Pasky's Sports is proud to be a part of the Paskawych Entertainment Family. To find out more for our what our family of entertainment companies can do for you, please visit us at

We can come to you! Want to host a laser tag game or Archery Tag tournament? We can help. All you need is a 70ft by 25ft space (roughly the size of a basketball court) and we can do the rest! Indoors or outdoors, our games provide a unique challenge and a lot of fun for everyone.



Pasky Sports is proud to use only Archery Tag brand equipment for our archery tag and S.A.F.E. Archery booth, and Laser Tag Pro equipment for our Tactical Laser Tag games. Looking for a unique party experience or team-building exercise? We have the right setup for you!


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